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Easy, no setup fee, no hardware costs, access from anywhere. Supports unlimited library members, safe and secure, no long term contract, cancel anytime.

Safe and Secure

 No hardware cost, no installation and its safe and secure.

Easy access

Access from anywhere using any internet-enabled device.


Coreyor interface is simple, smart, intuitive and very user friendly.

Our offer

What We Offer

Truly unique enviroment

about us

 At Coreyor, we are a community of academic, specialty, public and educational librarians working with software designers, automation consultants, administrators, and support technicians to create a truly unique environment that is easy to use, easy to implement, and cost effective. Our commitment to quality stems from our original, founding goal of providing the best possible service.

Truly customizable


Our solution is truly scalable and customizable, including a wide range of fully customizable functionalities, including some basic and advanced options. Coreyor has several different models for circulation, procurement, cataloging, batch management, authorization, flexible reporting, label printing, multi-format notification, offline access and many other separate functions.

Continuous support

about us

Our software is continuously supported by a large group of librarians working in public and private libraries, and in any relevant context. Our public access directory has multiple query interfaces to suit every age group. Among other features, we offer a highly advanced self-service function, self-service checkout and return, digital asset management, reporting and equipment / property management.



In all our pricing options, we offer complete customization that ranges from easy UI settings to complex background settings. Coreyor also offers a wide range of different models that work for workflow, cataloging, authorization, flexible reporting, label reporting, multi-format notifications, offline access and more.

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Our services and solutions can guarantee your companies efficiency and precision in today’s demanding market. We continuously strive to improve our ideas and solutions on any infrastructure and resource issues that our customers may face. By utilizing our skills, we hope to turn challenges into opportunities.


Why Coreyor?

Cost Effective

Coreyor is the most cost-effective Integrated Library System (ILS). No hardware costs, no expensive purchasing software, no installation and maintenance burdens and it’s safe.

Unlimited Members

With Coreyor you can add as many library members as you want according to your needs. Our intuitive user management module enables intelligent and easy management of all users. There are no limits.

Simple & User-friendly

Coreyor‘s interface is simple, intelligent, intuitive and very easy to use. No additional technical skills are required to use Coreyor. This will also save training costs and time for library staff.


Multiple Branches

The Coreyor has several branches that are logically or physically located in different geographical locations. This saves you from having to install or manage a separate integrated library system (ILS) for each branch of the library.


Intuitive Reports

Coreyor provides various reports for tracking your daily library activity and tracking library materials, members, penalties, etc. Members can see their status, waits, penalties, notifications and alerts, etc.


Coreyor includes a full copy of our API, which allows our customers to better manage their content and easily integrate their solution with other applications and other systems, truly mobile systems.


Why Read With Us?



 An electronic library has, not only text data but also sound, graphics, and motion video, in the form of digital data. Because all data is digitized, various kinds of data can be merged easily and a high level of retrieval and other processing can be done.



When electronic libraries of this kind appear in many places and are linked to each other via a network, a huge virtual library is built on the network. It is a “world library” which crosses national borders regardless of the distances between actual electronic libraries.



The Coreyor can be used to build an electronic library in various sizes according to the available hardware, software, and data resources. The Coreyor can be as large as a national library and as small as a personal library.

About US

Our Story

Coreyor is a modern, highly scalable library and physical records management system designed to help your library simplify it’s processes. Make it easier for clients to find library materials and records, and enable the company to better catalog, manage and distribute their material, no matter how large or complex the system may be.


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What Our Users Say

“Thank you for making it painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free! I couldn’t have asked for more than this. Coreyor has got everything I need.”

- Ricca B.

“I STRONGLY recommend Coreyor to EVERYONE interested in running a successful online library! Coreyor saved my business.”

- Kaari G.


Frequently Asked

How will your software help me?

Coreyor is an intuitive software that helps library readers find library material more easily, helping libraries manage, distribute and catalog that material, no matter how large or complex the library is.

Where can I ask a question?

Coreyor provides a contact form at the bottom of the site, additionally, our email address is Feel free to send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible and plan a more in-depth meeting.

What makes your software different?

Every piece of software has its advantages or its disadvantages, we strive to make Coreyor stand out due to its constant improvement and powerful design.

How scalable is your product?

Coreyor was designed from the ground up to be able to handle complex tasks in many different organizations regardless of their size.


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